Run for Something

Run for Something is a national organization that supports young, progressive candidates running for local office. Find out more about this endorsement by clicking the image above or here!


Our Revolution Story County

Our Revolution Story County is a local organization that supports progressive issues and candidates running for office. Find out more about this endorsement by clicking the image above or here!


Working Families Party

The Working Families Party fights on the grass-root level, to make sure everyone has a fair shot. WF advocates for improving the lives of working families everywhere. Rachel is proud to join them in this fight here in Ames. Find out more about the endorsement here


Sunrise Movement

The Sunrise Movement is an organization whose aim is to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. Rachel is proud to join them in the fight for local climate action here in Ames. Find out more about the movement by clicking the image above or here!

Letters from Supporters

Taylor Junck

Rachel's twin sister, Taylor, encourages you to vote "for her better half." Read more here!

Timothy Mooney

Tim Mooney, an Ames resident and high school teacher, believes "Rachel is going to be a great City Council member." Read more here!

Juan Bibiloni

Juan Bibiloni, President of the Board of Cyride and former ISU vice president of the student body, is proud to support Rachel.  Read more here!

Jan Flora

Jan Flora, Co-Coordinator of Our Revolution-Story County, encourages all to vote Rachel onto the Ames City Council. Read more here!

Shawn Sebastian

Shawn Sebastian, Ames native, is counting on all to vote for Rachel on December 3rd so that the "will of the electorate of Ward 4" is heard.  Read more here!

Jane Galyon

Jane Galyon, 4th ward resident, hopes you will "join (her) in voting for Rachel Junck on Dec. 3rd." Read more here!

Lewis Rosser

Lewis Rosser, former Ames School Board member and 4th ward resident, hopes you will vote for Rachel as she will "best represent all of Ward 4′s residents."

Read more here!

Sue Ravenscroft

Sue Ravenscroft, in her second letter of support, believes "it’s time to move towards a local government that is more inclusive of all Ames residents." Read more here!

Erwin (Erv) Klaas

Erv Klaas, long-time Ames resident and member of the Ames Climate Action Team, supports Rachel as "the future is with our young people." Read more here!

Kirstin Sullivan

Kirstin Sullivan, AHS's own AP Government teacher, encourages you to vote Rachel because "She doesn’t wait for someone else to do something. She jumps right in." Read more here!

Abigail (Abby) Meehan

Abby Meehan, an Iowa State student, endorses Rachel because she "is here to represent us all." Read more here!

Avery Staker

Avery Staker, an ISU student, believes Rachel "knows exactly what the people of Ames need."  Read more here!

Mary Richards

Mary Richards, a longtime Ames resident, encourages Ward 4 voters to "put (Rachel's) proactive presence" on the council.  Read more here!

Erwin (Erv) Klaas

Erv Klaas wrote another letter of support, as he believes Rachel will "represent the 4th Ward admirably." Read more here!

Neta Friedberg

Neta Friedberg, Rachel's next door neighbor, "wholeheartedly support(s) Rachel’s campaign" and encourages you to vote on Dec 3rd! Read more here!

Jay Amin

Jay Amin, ISU Student and lifelong Ames resident, encourages you to "Go vote. Tell your friends. Your vote will make a difference too." Read more here!

Sue Ravenscroft

Sue, an ISU professor, endorses Rachel as she is "uniquely qualified" to represent all Ames residents on City Council. Read more here!

Mary Ann Lundy

Mary Ann Lundy, longtime resident of the 4th ward and active community member, endorses Rachel for City Coucil.

Read more here!

Serena Paulson

Serena Paulson, a lifelong 4th Ward resident, is voting for Rachel and "urges you to join (her) in making history." Read more here!

Thomas Corrieri

Thomas Corrieri, long time Ames resident, believes Rachel will "do right for all" in Ames. Read more here!

Sehba Faheem

Sehba Faheem, ISU student activist, supports Rachel because as a student, she "truthfully carr(ies) our voice." 

Read more here!

Ross Wilburn

Ross Wilburn, member of the Iowa House of Representatives, supports Rachel because she has "demonstrated her ability to inspire both students and longtime residents" of Ames. Read more here!

Veralynn and Kevin Schilling

Veralynn and Kevin Schilling, 4th ward residents, are voting for Rachel because she is "eager to give back to her community by being on the city council." Read more here!

Joe Rippetoe

Joe Rippetoe supports Rachel for City Council, because she "is committed to helping improve the city of Ames that she loves." Read more here!

Taylor Junck

Taylor Junck believes Rachel is "deserving of your vote in the Ames City Council Ward 4 Runoff Election on Dec. 3."  Read more here!

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